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Adhesive Decal Disclaimer:

Do not apply stickers / decals to paper surfaces, Drywall, Painted Drywall, Flaking paint, (unless you understand that they cannot be removed without damage to both Sticker and Surface) wet paint, Unpainted (outdoor) metal surfaces or rusty surfaces, heavily textured surfaces, bumpy surfaces, course leather, etc.
Thoroughly clean and inspect the surface where sticker is to be applied- making sure surface is clean and smooth. If surface is painted- check for peeling, cracking or blistering of surface. If the painted surface has any of these weaknesses, removing the sticker/decal may cause damage to finish.

It is the customers responsibility to apply graphics according to these installation guidelines. Orders placed online must be returned to us prior to refund. Returned orders that appear to have been applied and removed will not be honored. If you have not received an order placed with Freakdecals, provide us with any shipping information that you may have. If product has been shipped to a wrong address- Mobile Graphics/Freakdecals will honor refund only if the error occurred on our part.

Mobile Graphics/Freakdecals are not responsible for damage to surfaces that our product has been applied to for any reason. See our installation guide for details. Decals from are sold "as is" and are not assumed to be removable/repositionable. Smaller stickers /decals are printed on paper and will be destroyed upon removal- they may also leave adhesive and paper on surface (like any paper sticker) that may be removed when care is used. Outdoor stickers can be removed from non-porous surfaces without damage to the surface if care is used during removal. See Installation guidelines.

Sunbleaching on outdoor stickers will be accelerated in Southwestern and southern states, but should maintain integrity for the life of our warranty.

Removal of Decal: Using a blowdryer, place on lowest setting and use a sweeping motion along one edge of sticker. When surface and decal are very warm, start lifting the edge and pull up slowly. A higher setting may be used on your blowdryer if too difficult. Keep the blowdryer moving ahead of where pulling occurs.